Initiatives and Actions
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Earth-friendly & Community-driven

Sustainable, earth-friendly practices are embedded into every aspect of the Kimpton Mas Olas experience, from locally sourced materials used in our building construction to water-efficient landscaping and irrigation to ultra-efficient solar used to power the resort.

The grounds and gardens at Kimpton Mas Olas are designed to be low-impact and self-sustaining. We’ve planted hundreds of palm and neem trees to cool the grounds naturally while preventing soil erosion. We use only water-efficient, native flora in our gardens. And we maintain our grounds using all-organic practices and water-efficient irrigation systems.

Kimpton Mas Olas' design includes a sprawling solar power system to generate clean, renewable power for the resort. We are committed to achieving 100% renewable electrical energy utilization within the first five years of operation.

Kimpton Mas Olas has built a closed-loop water processing system on the property that uses natural methods to maximize water-use efficiency and minimize waste. We also follow water-minimizing, earth-friendly practices for linen and towel service in our guest rooms.

Kimpton Mas Olas' recycling and composting program, minimization of single-use plastics, and other earth-friendly practices help us minimize waste, with an ultimate goal of achieving zero-waste status.

At Kimpton Mas Olas, we harvest many ingredients used in our restaurants and spa from our on-site agricultural program, reducing the carbon impact of transportation. Moreover, 80% of our food and beverage is sourced from within 50 miles of the resort.

We partner closely with local organizations and leaders to ensure a positive, respectful, and mutually beneficial relationship with the local community. Our future development plans include building affordable housing for the community in addition to other infrastructure projects to support the region.