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Kimpton Mas Olas Experiences

Make your own meal or custom cocktail. Reach new levels of physicality. Tap into a deeper state of connectedness. Or simply step into nature and explore the gifts of Baja. At Kimpton Mas Olas there’s plenty to do but no pressure to do it – this is your journey.

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make you own meal or custom cocktail

Have fun and gain new skills with an expert-guided experience where you create your own meal or custom cocktail, from ingredient selection to final preparation. We provide everything you need and guide you through each step. When you’re done, you can enjoy the results of your work!

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Tap into a deeper state of calmness and connectedness.

Connect even more deeply with Baja’s profoundly spiritual setting with a guided meditation, traditional ceremony, sound healing session, or other soul-stirring experience.

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Have fun while pushing your body further

Get your body moving with an incredible range of indoor and outdoor fitness opportunities, from surf lessons to biking & hiking to power yoga, HIIT, swimming, and more.

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Get crafty

Tap into your inner creative spirit with a fun, relaxed crafting session. We offer everything from making personalized body balms using botanicals grown on-site to landscape painting (with wine!).

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Step into nature

Forge an even deeper connection to Baja’s inherent natural beauty and stunning biodiversity with a guided nature experience. Whale watching. Turtle releases. Classes on medicinal flora. Backcountry horseback tours. And more.

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Go Local

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and otherworldly natural beauty of Baja, Mexico with a trip to a local town, historic site, or natural feature. There are many things to do in the Todos Santos area.

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